Harley-Davidson® of Macau
Ave.de Venceslau de Morais, No.173, Centro Ind. Keck Seng, Bloco 3, R/C L., 999078 Macau


What’s the point of being free if you’re not having fun.

Welcome to the widest ranging, most freewheeling riding club on the planet. The Harley Owners Group® riding club is your connection to people around the world who share the passion for having fun on two wheels. You have a standing invite to rides, rallies and other events all over the world – more than 20,000 each year. A one-year membership is free with the purchase of your motorcycle.

The party is always rolling. Let’s ride.

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Great event for supporting 2020 DGR - Distinguished Gentleman Ride Sep 24th. 

- H.O.G. X D.O.C.M X V.O.C. 

H.O.G. Macau Chapter